Anti-Flea Products For Dogs Are Dangerous For Cats

Anti-flea products for dogs, are for dogs and aren’t meant for cats. Here is why…

Some anti-flea products for dogs that have to be given on the skin are highly toxic for cats. Because it contains permethrin and insecticide. This material/substance belongs to the pyrethroids which are very toxic to cats. It’s that toxic that not all cats might survive.

Permethrin is a common synthetic chemical, widely used as an insecticide, acaricide, and insect repellent.

A pyrethroid is an organic compound similar to the natural pyrethrins produced by the flowers of pyrethrums (Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium and C. coccineum). Pyrethroids now constitute the majority of commercial household insecticides.

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14 Responses to “Anti-Flea Products For Dogs Are Dangerous For Cats”

    • Dianda

      I always had a rule for myself: Cat stuff is for cats, and dog stuff is for dogs. My mother once adviced me that the anti-flea stuff she had left from her previous dog that had passed away, that we could use that for our cats. I was like “UH, NO”. Thank god i didn’t do it.

  1. jimmie chew

    yes we knew this, a friends cat got VERY sick one time. she was ok, but got so sick we thought she was going to die. people should read labels!

  2. Tom Duhamel

    Like said, it is Permethrin which is the problem. Permethrin is absorbed by the dog’s body, but it is not in cats. It is actually the number one cause of lethal intoxication in cats.

    Like you said, Permethrin is an insecticide. It is quite effective for fleas. Since the substance is somewhat expensive on the market, it is mostly found in more expensive anti-flea products for dogs.

    It is common here for vets to prescribe a dose of anti-flea for large dogs when you have multiple cats to treat, as a single dose for large dog is enough for three cats, while it cost the same as a single dose for a cat. However vets know which brands contain Permethrin and which don’t. I can’t speak for every countries, but since they are required to label drug ingredients here, it is easy to tell for anybody. But obviously, in case of a doubt, do not take a chance and do not use a product for dogs on cats.

    Good post Dianda. It’s a good warning, and unfortunately very few are aware of this danger.

  3. crystalwayward

    Thanks for sharing. Although I have never applied dog products to a cat, I did experience a terrifying incident involving a cat and a nearly fatal reaction to over the counter flea repellent. It’s not worth trying to save a buck or two by using the wrong thing.

  4. alienredqueen

    Help! I think Methos has fleas! I found one on the baby when I was changing her diaper yesterday. Now I feel all buggy too. How do I get them off the cat AND the carpet???

    • Dianda

      Sorry for the late reply. I was sleeping. :(
      Start with combing your cat with a flea-comb. Kill the fleas you find by putting them in hot water with dish-soap in.
      Vacuuming is very important. Vacuum the entire house and paying attention to every little corner you see, dark crevices, under furniture, under beds, pet beds, rugs and especially around baseboards (also called skirting boards). Put the nozzle attachment on your vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum around all baseboards and edges of fixtures. Don’t forget the cats sleeping place!
      Use flea-spray and spray it on your carpet, furniture, etc.And don’t forget to put anti-flea stuff on Methos! I you can also put Methos is quarintane.

      Collect bedding, rugs and throws and wash them in soapy water. Soapy water kills the eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.

      I can’t find it in the internet, but if you have a wooden floor. DO NOT MOP IT. Fleas like dark and moisty places.

      Hop this helps!!

      • Dianda

        Yea. :( My boyfriends brother his cats hsd fleas. Took him two months to get rid of it. Lots of vacuuming and all. He eventually had to get one of his cats shaved to get the fleapoop out. :(

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