The Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds

Now, these cats breeds are said to be the most friendliest. It’s up to you if you agree with it or not. I would love to hear experience from you! Are they truly the friendliest cat breeds? In my opinion, friendliness has nothing to do with breeds. Character? Maybe! I mean, most maine coon’s I have seen all seems to have this same stubbornness character. But they were all friendly to me! I would love to hear your opinion!

10 – The Chantilly/Tiffany.
This breed can be described as moderate in personality.  Simply stated, it means the Tiffany is neither lazy or overactive, a trait many cat owners find desirable.  They are affectionate, loyal, and friendly, although just a little wary around strangers. They easily become a close, affectionate companion that is not overly demanding or mischievous. The Chantilly/Tiffany breed is gentle and easily managed.

9 – The Somali
This kitty is a cat that likes to be noticed.  You won’t find him hiding on the top of the entertainment center, he would rather be on your lap giving affection.  Some Somalies are so affectionate, they will choose human contact over food!  They also tend to stay playful all their lives, having just as much fun with toys as kittens do.  As a Somali owner, expect to have your cat beside you at all times. They are intelligent cats who will stick their noses in all of your businesses. But they can sometimes be pretty demanding!

8 – Ragdoll
The Ragdoll is well-known for their intelligence and loyal nature.  They have many “puppy” like characteristics, will easily learn their name and come when called, and love to play and give affection.  The males are among the largest of cats, some weighing up to 15 pounds.  That’s pretty big in the cat world!  Overall, the Ragdoll is an ideal house pet, they are calm, and they sometimes end up becoming the typical lap-cat. They are very curious cats, and will most likely stay playful for the rest of their lives.

7 – Persian
This breed is one of the oldest cat breeds which are known to man and best suited for homes and for kids. One some lists this breed is number one on the friendliest-cat-list. They are most known for their thick and luxurious coat, large eyes, and short but sturdy-legged body.  It is because of this body type that the Persian has a “slow-moving dignity” about them, making them a quiet and relaxed pet, unexcelled for its decorative value!  Persians are among the most affectionate and loyal of cats.  Throughout the years, they have consistently ranked as one of the most popular cat breeds ever.
The one Persian cat I have met when I was a little kid, was absolutely gorgeous, and the sweetest cat I had ever met at that time. I could pretty much do everything with that cat.

6 – Manx
The Manx cats are primarily known for “tailless” gene.  But sometimes, different Manx cats can be born with different sized tails, or even no tail at all.  But even without tails, Manx are extremely athletic. They are very high jumpers! Like many of the cats on our list, the Manx tend to bond with their owners, but may have trouble with moving to a new home. Their character is soft, friendly and they can go well with other kids and pets.

5 – Maine Coon
The Maine Coon cat has a long, thick coat and the temperament of the Domestic Shorthair.  The Coon cat was so named in the mistaken belief that it was half raccoon.  He has far less undercoat than the Persian and is much less inclined to suffer from mats and tangles.  This is a good thing, as Coon cats are very active and excellent “ratters”.  In fact, they were originally bred to control the rat populations on Maine farms. I would rather they say that calm, gentle but energetic cats that when raised the good way can be very social. Their mood is usual very playful and forbearing (tho, I have no idea if that is even the correct word). But remember, most Maine Coons need a buddy.

4 – Burmese
There are two kind of Burmese cats: British Burmese and American Burmese.  Both tend to form strong bonds with their owners, and are attracted to any kind of human activity.  Burmese are very playful, and will even retrieve items for their masters.  Many also display kitten-like characteristics, even when they grow up. They are very affectionate and enjoy company, and can be very vocal, but they have a much softer ‘meow’ than the Siamese. Burmese need a good amount of human attention, are not as independent as other breeds and are not suited to being left alone for extended periods of time.

3 – Birman
The great thing about a Birman is how balanced the cat is on its personality.  They are definitely a “people’s cat” who bond with their owners. They have a curious nature and are one of the most intelligent cats.


2 – Exotic Shorthair
Exotics are actually a Persian breed, with a short-haired coat that is much easier to maintain than the coat of a regular Persian.  Not surprisingly, Exotics have inherited their gentle ways and tame personality from their Persian ancestors.

1 – Abyssinian
Number one on the list is the Abyssinian, a cat with a distinctive, powerful grace, and rather wild beauty.  The brown’ish/red or sandy coat is short, soft and thick. Unlike most other breeds, the Aby is fond of water and can be a really good swimmer. But you will never find a cat more loyal and affectionate with people. Abyssinians are extroverted, extremely active, playful, wilful and intelligent. But they usually aren’t lapcats. Don’t forget that the Abyssinian is in need a a lot of love and interaction with the family to keep them happy and can get depressed without their daily activity and attention.


Pictures by – Abyssinian – Maine Coon – Manx – Persian – Chantilly/Tiffany – Somali – Ragdoll – Burmese – Birman – Exotic Shorthair

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32 Responses to “The Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds”

    • Dianda

      Funny, sphynxes are actually in the ‘least friendliest cat breeds-list’. Because they tend to be very demanding. But it looks like your cats are proving that list wrong? ;)

  1. Herman

    I protest! Where’s the British Shorthair in that list…?? Where’s Mr. Bowie?!? :-)

    • Dianda

      It’s on top of my personal cat-breed list! ;)
      Haha, I should actually update this list, huh, and the British Shorthair. ;)

      • Jenny

        The only purebred I’ve had was a British Shorthair — Stomper (a pouty teddybear!). All cats before and since have been strays or shelter rescues. It’s not the breed of cat that matters but the fact that you’ve given love and care to a deserving animal.

  2. fostrickson

    I want them all! And a few others! Odin is awfully friendly and lovable, but he is only a regular house cat. No special breeding.

    • Dianda

      I thunk every cat can be nice, no matter what their breed is. :) I know a cat, she a simple domestic short hair, and she is the sweetest thing ever.

      • fostrickson

        I’ve only ever had domestics before, but a Bengal is on the top of my list for the next one. Or maybe as a brother for Odin…;)

      • Dianda

        I really want a Scottish Fold, or a Turkish Van, or so many other breeds! A Ragdoll is on my list too, or an Egyptian Mau. God, so many choices! I’m going to have a lot of cats.

  3. heretherebespiders

    I’d put Bengals on that list! So gregarious. To the point of annoyance! I’ve never met an Abyssinian, but am very attracted to them anyhow. Oh, and forbearing is the right word! Probably very able to put up with kids, boisterious puppies, etc. Not like me :)

  4. Andrea Kelly

    I have a Maine Coon, and he is certainly friendly! Although he’s a little shy at first, once he warms up to someone, he’s like a little shadow – following you around, waiting for you to sit down so he can get in your lap for some cuddles and pets. I do have a second cat, but he prefers people, and has no problems letting her know he’s alpha. He definitely has “character” as well – he tends to fluctuate between being a “crotchety old man” and a spunky little kitten (even though he’s almost 7).

  5. Tom Duhamel

    Though some breeds give cats some more likely features, I believe cats are the animal with the more different personalities. A cat from the least friendly breed might well have a very friendly personality, and vice versa.

    Tigra is of no particular breed, she obviously is a mix of some unknown breeds. She would officially be called a domestic short hair (medium hair, if the classification existed). But she is so friendly that she could get annoying at times.

  6. shadreyer

    I have 3 Persians at present, I have had 5 all in all and they are the most delightful cats EVER! But saying that they do take a lot of grooming. You have to keep the knots away else it can end up hurting them. And of course many of them have weepy eyes and they need to be cleaned. So they are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but they sure are for me :-)

    • Dianda

      If you want a cat that doesn’t require a lot of care, then I wouldn’t go with a Persin. But they are absolutely stunning cats! My grandmother had one, and I could do whatever I wanted with cat, he didn’t mind!

  7. angelswhisper2011

    I like them all, but I’m not convinced about who is more friendly, stubborn a.s.o. I think it depends on how you are, they reflect what you feel inside, your true innerself, so if you are stubborn, your cat reflects the stubborness, if you are sweet, your cat will be also. Btw I missed Little Binky on this list :)


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