Shocking Friday Picture

I thought it was very shocking. I knew some of those big felines were decreasing in numbers, but not so much.
For example, look at the Leopards, 50 years ago there were 700,000, today there are only 50,000 left. That’s 650,000 less Leopards! That’s 13000 less Leopards a year. If this continues, there won’t be any big cats left anymore in the wild after another 50 years or less? No matter how hard some organisations are fighting against poachers, it looks like it’s not enough. But what can we do against it? Poachers will just keep on poacher, and people keep building roads and train tracks.

A few weeks ago I was reading a story about a leopard who had come across a train tracks that probably went through a place where wild animals are living. The Leopard didn’t see the train coming… Wild animals and roads/train tracks or anything that is created by humans does not go together. And it’s a shame that such beautiful creatures are become very rare. (tho, I don’t know how much there are now, if there is any hope for those big cats).

29 Responses to “Shocking Friday Picture”

  1. FeyGirl

    no words…i’ve been seeing the figures, and i know there was a big conference in san fran recently about the lions, specifically. to say this is tragic is an understatement. thanks so much for posting…. straight to pinterest/fb i go.

    • Dianda

      It is an understatement, you’re so right on that one! And I wish I could do something against it, but it needs much more than one person, or one organisation, or even two. You can keep lions in “prison”, but I don’t think lions can be lions when in prison, and not in the wild.

  2. alienredqueen

    And I just read an article the other day about “Trophy Hunting” in Africa. WHY in the world would they allow, let alone encourage, people to kill these animals that are already declining. Greedy f*ckers.

  3. Long Life Cats and Dogs

    Hunters and poachers, the nightmare of my life. I have spent so many thousands of hours, in heated debates with hunters, who still maintain that they are “conservationists”?!?! The worst part is the amount of money that international visitors are prepared to pay in order to hunt for the big cats. The huge numbers of dollars they are paying end up being just too tempting to those game farm managers/owners who simply refuse to see the bigger picture. Oh, the fights I’ve had. I have done research on the amount of money that comes into the economy from hunting, versus photography safaris and, although the individual game farm owner makes substantially more from hunting, the economy as a whole does far better with photo safaris. The hunters fly in, go straight to the reserve, hunt and then fly back home. The photo safari visitors tend to travel more within the country, spending their money with local vendors, curio shops and general tourist type attractions, as well as the game drives, etc. However, where there is greed, the animals will always lose. It’s a very frustrating and annoying situation.

  4. fostrickson

    Have you ever heard of Kevin Richardson? If not, you should check him out. He’s got a book which I enjoyed, but it’s all about helping out big cats and how, because of poachers and hunters, the way that they are protected has to be modified (ie sometimes captivity is the only way to save them in some areas).

  5. Rosie Scribblah

    Horrific. How can we challenge the mentality of those that hunt for pleasure? There are so many people who do it and they tend to be rich and powerful. Do wealth and power go hand in hand with contempt for the lives of other creatures?

  6. tessems

    It’s absolutely tragic, actually. I remember being really concerned when I was a young girl. I raised money to save endangered cats–but obviously it’s never enough. You need more and more people to be concerned too. Hopefully we’ll realize before it’s too late.

    • Dianda

      Oh, that’s great! At least you did something, and I think that matters the most!
      But yes, so much more people are needed. Just like a lot of money.

  7. angelswhisper2011

    This is terrible, but again this is all about money. Animals kill animals to survive, that’s nature, but people kill animals to fill their pocket because they’re greedy :(


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