Raw Meat Diet – Part 15 – Changing To A Raw Diet

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It’s an important step to transition your cat to a raw diet. Your goal might be to eventually change your cat’s diet to totally raw. Whether they be small birds and animals or ground meat. You might change your cat’s diet within two to three months, and it’s really important to stay patient, and maybe even bribe your cat if needed.

Some cats do just fine with switching to a complete raw diet in one or two meals. But there will always be cats who will have a problem with the change, whether they are just being stubborn or have digestiveupset. so listen to what your cat has to tell you or show you, and from there you have to find the best way to change diet.

There is a chance that most cats don’t seem to recognize real meat a food. This might be because of all the commercial food that is on the market. In a situation like that, you can hide the raw meat in canned food offers the path of last resistance. If your cat doesn’t like the texture of canned food, skip the switch from dry to canned food. Instead, try these out with powdered eggshell powder:
– Chopped liver. But remember, don’t feed your cat too much liver, as it can be dangerous when it is eaten too much.
– Finely chopped gizzards
– Chunked muscle meat, cooked or raw.

If your now feed your cat dry food and she really refuses to eat meat, one way to get her use to it, is to try to make her used to other wet food. I will continue this in the next post!

Whole Healthy For Happy Cats by Sandy Arora

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