Blogs Suki Approves

I thought it was a fun idea to ‘promote’ some blogs here that I think are worth more views! And which are definitely worth a look. These posts will be called ‘Blogs Suki Approves’. So let’s start with the first one!

Cat Universe

A blog I check out a lot. It’s a blog where everything is related to Cats. Big or small, house-tigers or lions! Cats are cats! The blog is written by Fairy Dharawat, a girl who loves to write and cats! Which is a wonderful combination, I must say.

Lately she’s been writing about Lions, and other bigger cats. Here you can find a lot of informational stuff and funny things! For cat lovers this seems to be the ultimate cat blog that will keep us entertained. So If I haven’t made you curious yet, then I don’t know!

So why don’t you hop by? Suki does it all the time!

15 Responses to “Blogs Suki Approves”

  1. Fairy Dharawat

    THANK YOU Dianda! It is a really pleasant surprise! It is a wonderful dedication, I couldn’t think of another way of making my day, Cat Universe will complete one year in September, and the ride has been super! I am all giddy now. Thank you all for your precious comments!

    • Dianda

      You’re very much welcome! I didn’t told you on purpose, knowing you’d figure it out anyway. ;)
      I hope this will get you more views you deserve! :D


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