The last few weeks I received two awards! I have been busy — and still will be busy next week . So I decided to wait until I got time to write about it. Which is today! So let’s go!

The Sunshine Award

I was given the Sunshine Award by mythreemoggies and Popcorn! Thank you so much!

The instructions for the award are:

  • Link the award to the person who gave it to you.
  • Answer the questions that come with it.
  • Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it.

The questions:

Favorite number: 3
Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Coca Cola.
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
My Passion: Cats, isn’t that obvious?
Favorite pattern: A kitty pattern?
Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday.
Favorite Flower: The pretty ones.

In no particular order our nominations for The Sunshine Award are:

Lifelong Photo Exposure
Hands On Bowie
The Miao Chronicles

One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated for this award by Popcorn as well! Thank you so much!

Link back to the one who gave you this award – Popcorn.
Pass the award on to 15 other lovely bloggers.

Here we go, the 15 nominees in no particular order.

Fluffy popcorn
Whispers of Sunshine
Jazz Cat jay
Georgia About
Jimmie Chew
Feeling Zen
Bassas Blog
Lscott Poetry
Confessions Of A Cat Woman
Happy Cat Girl
Paws To Talk
A Purrfect Cat

That’s it for today!

26 Responses to “Awards”

  1. Bassas Blog

    Congratulations on the two awards Dianda. You have a wonderful blog – have learned so much from it! Thank you very much for including Bassa’s Blog in your nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award :)

    • Dianda

      You’re very much welcome, Bassa! I know you probably already have recieved so many awards tho! And thank you! I’m glad I was able to learn people things about cats. :)

  2. Herman

    Congrats for the two awards Dianda. I love hanging around this very informative place. Bowie says “Meow!”
    Thank you for nominating me not once but twice!! Appreciate that.

  3. lscotthoughts

    Congratulations, Dianda, all the cats and cat lovers love you (and the dog lovers, too)! And thank you so much for thinking of me, too! :)

  4. angelswhisper2011

    Congratulations, Dianda, on your well deserved awards and thank you so much for the nomination of my blog, my cats are itching to get down to work :)

  5. niasunset

    Congratulations dear Dianda, Thank you so much for nomination of my blog. Blessing and Happiness, love you, nia

  6. happycatgirl

    Congrats and thank you!!! Your blog is always a Sunny lovely one indeed hehe. I haven’t been blogging as much as i would like but hope to resume soon! Thanks for sharing the award despite my slow blogging! :p


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