The Bambino

I saw this breed on ‘101 cats’ on Animal Planet, and I fell in love! I like both hairless cats, and cats with hair. But this one is just adorable!

The first litter of Bambino kittens was registered in 2005. It was registered by TICA in 2005 as an experimental breed, created by Pat and Stephanie Osborne. The Bambino is a mix between the short-legged Munchkin Cat and the hairless Canadian Sphynx. ‘Bambino’ is Italian for baby.

Bambino cats have  a gentle but lively, outgoing, and affectionate personality.  Bambinos love nothing more than to be cuddled up on the laps of their family members.  A Bambino can make a wonderful addition to any family, as they love children and get along great with other animals; dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, and even birds.They can take being handled very well.  Bambino’s also have no problem with traveling. These cats are very intelligent and find it easy to adjust to new environments and they handle changes very well.  Despite his short legs, Bambino cats are quite fast and agile.

A Munchkin.

If you don’t feel like putting too much time into grooming, the Bambino might not be for you. Just like with most of the hairless cats the Bambino should be given a bath every other week.  They will get greasy if not given a bath often enough, and will start to leave grease stains where they rest.  However, over bathing can also lead to dry skin. Some Bambinos may tolerate the water, and others may enjoy it.  Start bathing you cat when it’s still very young.

Pay good attention to keep the ears and nail beds clean as residue can build up quickly in these areas. Just like with the webbing between their toes. Because they have no hair on their body,

The Sphynx

Bambinos can burn in strong sunlight so make sure you limit their exposure, or use sun cream.

While some people with allergies find they are not allergic to Bambinos, others discover they are allergic but usually to a lesser extent.  Allergic reactions are triggered by different proteins. Some may be from saliva, some from the coat, and some from the skin dander. If possible, make time to spend  some Bambinos to see if they trigger a reaction, before getting one, and finding you you’re still allergic afterwards.

Bambinos need a well-balanced commercial diet.  Being hairless, Bambinos eat more than their hairy cousins due to their higher metabolisms. When buying a new kitten it’s always a good idea to have a discussion on proper nutrition with your breeder, or to ask your vet for more information about nutrition.

A Bambino.

The Body
The Bambino’s body has the overall appearance of strength and muscularity, and is not thin or whippy. It is well muscled with medium boning giving a stocky, very muscular overall appearance. The Bambino has large almond-shaped eyes that are slightly slanted and wide-set. A short muzzle gives a square appearance when looked down on from the top. The back is level with a slight rise in the back legs allowed but not desired. It has short, well-developed legs, having medium-sized feet with well-defined toes and prominent knuckles. Finishing it off is a long, slender tail that is flexible like a whip, tapering to a point with lion tuft on the end. Their ears are alert and upright and are considered quite large with moderately pointed tips.

The Bambino feels very warm.  They are not totally bald, as they have a fine down that is usually not perceptible to the eye. They can range from a warm velvet feel to a soft peach to even a sticky putty feeling depending upon the degree of hairlessness.

The Bambino comes in all colors, patterns and variations, and they are small-medium in height, and weight around 5 to 9 lbs.

How Old? 
They say the Bambino can become older than 12 years old. The true life expectancy is unknown for this breed since it is so new.

Health Issues
As this breed is still in development, there are no known health issues related to a Bambino cat. However, health concerns related to dwarfism are being reviewed and may be recognized at a later time.

But some say that the Bambino won’t have any back problems like the Dachshund. Because the Bambino has a normal spine, like every other cat, just shorter legs.

Fun fact
When having a litter, a Bambino can get kittens with both long legs, and short legs.

Animal Planet

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  1. emily

    they are soo cute for a hairless cat… i am very much in love.. <3 <3 <3


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