Shironeko (かご猫, literally “White Cat”)

You may have seen his pictures around the blog lately. But I found this little cutie on the internet while I was looking for pictures.

His name is Shironeko (かご猫, literally “White Cat”), and he is a Turkish Van. And is best known for his extremely relaxed demeanor and ability to balance things on his head. Shironeko has been given several nicknames by its fans, most notably “Basket Cat” and “Zen Cat.” On 2chan, the cat became known as the “Basket Cat” and “Round-faced Cat” with the earliest notable thread posted on June 20th, 2009. The thread went onto spawn over 940 reply posts, where some curious users speculated that the cat may be living in the historic city of Kamaishi in Iwate Prefecture, Japan.

According to the blog information Shironeko was born on March 8th, 2008. The photo blog was launched on February 17th, 2006 by an anonymous blogger and Shiro’s owner whose identity remains unknown. Shiro’s photo blog first came under the spotlight in the Japanese animal blog circles for his distinctly zen facial expressions, around April 2006 and continued to gain daily audiences throughout the following year.

Shironeko had been on Cybergata’s “Essential Internet Cat” list for both 2010  and 2011. Shironeko’s achieved further Internet Fame by being named the #1 Cat on BuzzFeed’s The 30 Most Important Cats of 2011. Jack Shephard of BuzzFeed called Shironeko “The Most Relaxed Cat In The World.”

Shironeko hasa Facebook Account, a Youtube account, and his very own blog (the blog is entirely in Japanese)!


6 Responses to “Shironeko”

  1. niasunset

    Shironeko, he is Turkish… :) as me… I loved him, and his photographs… Blessing him. Thank you dear Dianda, with my love, nia

  2. alienredqueen

    His eyes are never opened. It’s like he’s stoned or narcoleptic or something. LOL. He’s so cute, I just wanna smooch him all over his face!

  3. Pook

    Personally, I think he must be mixed with a British shorthair. While he has the standard Turkish Van coloring, doesn’t have the standard Turkish Van coat or face and his legs are on the short side. There are 3 other male cats who live with him, Chibi-Bang and Chibi-Side, black and white Turksih Vans and Mimi, who has the one blue eye/one gold eye feature of Vans. Those cats ARE pure-bred Turkish Vans.


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