10 Minutes & Talking.

Give your cat at least 10 minutes of physical attention every day.
Stroke and scratch your cat for at least ten minutes a day. It will sooth both you and your cat.
Did you know that recent evidence shows that contact with cats may reduce your risk of heart attack by as much as 30%.

Talk to your cat every day.
Have you ever wondered why cats come to visit people when they’re on the phone? It’s been speculated that your cat thinks you’re talking to her when you’re on the phone. In a soft, high voice, talk to your cat every day. You’ll both like it.


26 Responses to “10 Minutes & Talking.”

  1. lscotthoughts

    I’m talking so much to Copper, others would think I’ve truly lost it! It’s like I have a new baby, who weighs about 70 lbs! :)

  2. alienredqueen

    I feel bad, because my cats used to be my “babies.” Don’t get me wrong. I still love them, but when I actually HAD a baby, some things necessarily changed. My cats are good cats. They have been through a lot of change (we lost our house, had to pen them in a six by six cage for four months while we lived with my mom, and now our apartment is significantly smaller than ‘their’ house.) And they never really acted up though all of that. But I know they are missing some of their attention, and my oldest cat especially is not all that fond of the baby, now 20 months and old enough to “hug” them. LOL. Honestly, some days I feel like I barely have time for myself or my hubby, although I suppose it’s all in priorities.

    • Dianda

      A baby changes many things. I think that’s pretty normal.

      As long as you love them, right? I’m pretty sure they know. ;) I don’t always have time for my cats as well. I have a fulltime internship, which doesn’t pay me, I have a job, college and many assignments that need to be done.

      I often feel like I don’t have time for anything. But I know that when I’m sad, my cats will cheer me up, they will make me laugh every day. And as long as I give them food and water, I know they will love me. They won’t judge me. :)

  3. alienredqueen

    LOL. I hope so. Especially my old girl cat, considering all the “torture” I’ve had to put her through at the vet and giving her medicine these past two or three weeks. I feel so bad. A couple of weeks ago she started acting weird, secluding herself, losing weight. 330 bucks later I find out she has somehow sustained a fractured rib and a bruised lung, and we have NO IDEA how or when it happened! The only thing I can think is that my baby maybe tried to hug her and laid on her the wrong way (we are trying to teach her to be gentle but she sometimes leans on them when she hugs them.) But normally this cat never lets the baby get CLOSE enough to hug her, so I really don’t know. And the antibiotics I have to give her make her really nauseous. :(

    • Dianda

      Yea, Cats are masters in hiding pain. So it’s good you noticed. How is she doing now tho? Beside feeling sick from the antibiotica?

      And kudo’s to you for learning your baby how to cut the cats. :)

  4. alienredqueen

    (Damn auto correct. LOL) She’s only been on these new anti-b’s for about 3 days. They want me to bring her back for an x-ray next week. Yet I am unsure if there’s a point, as the vet has said they can’t fix her ribs and the lung (that has fluid on it, hence the anti-b’s) can’t be drained because it’s not a ‘pocket’ of fluid. And they said, assuming there’s no tumor hidden by the swelling and fluid (yikes! really?) she should be fine. So I am going to keep an eye on her for improvement. In the meantime, it’s killing me seeing her froth and drool in misery with these anti-b’s. And they had to stick her in the neck so many times before they could get enough blood to do their tests.
    And yes, it’s important to us that the baby learns to be kind and gentle to animals. And luckily two out of 3 of our cats are pretty tolerant. She loves them, she’s just still so young she doesn’t realize they are “fragile.”

    • Dianda

      Huh, then how can the fluid leave her lungs? Awe, poor kitty. Sounds like she has a tough time like you said. I do hope she’ll get better fast, I know how horrible it feels seeing your cat sick. And there’s nothing you can do.

      • alienredqueen

        Thanks…and I’m glad I found a cat blog to follow that has substantive stuff in it. BTW, not to be all shamelessly advertising, but did you happen to notice my post on the Cat Program in Indiana State Prison? You might be interested.

  5. Alexandra

    10 minutes? Wow :) I think that’s what Usyaka gets before I wake up but after I get up, while I’m preparing her breakfast with one hand and carrying her around the flat with another. She can’t start a day without some cuddling.

    As for talking, I guess you know that when it comes to orientals that happens non stop.

    She ALWAYS joins in for chats when I talk on the phone, up to the point that I have to lock her in another room so I can have a normal talk, otherwise she screams louder than a voice in the phone speaks.

    What about your cats and phones?

    • Dianda

      I notice that when I am on the phone, my cats walk around me, or are in the same room as I am. They don’t meow tho, they only meow when they really want something – food.

      Ah, the cuddling. Hiring loves to cuddle, but hates to be picked up, justlike Similar, who only wants to cuddle when she wants to. Which is usually around 3pm. :p

      In the morning, Girl doesn’t bother to get up. But Duking always gets up with me, as soon as my alarm goes off.

      I talk everyday to my cats, especially when I come home, or when I’m playing with them.

      • alienredqueen

        My BABY loves to yell when I’m on the phone. And I screwed myself with the cats, because they got so used to me “talking” to them, now I can’t shut them up! And Chloe, though she is tiny, is VERY LOUD!

  6. Kit'd'Cat

    My Siamese Male cat doesn’t PURR alot. I rarely see/feel/hear him PURR. Is that normal? =)

    I looovvve cats. <3

    • Dianda

      Some cats purr, and some cats don’t. And some cats purr a lot, and some cats purr not so often.
      My cat Suki barely purrs, but when she does, it’s a very soft purr.

      Every cat is different! But if she used to spin, and then suddenly she stopped spinning, or anything. It could be something medical, or stress-related.

      Hope this helped you!

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