Raw Meat Diet – Part 8 – Selecting Meat Protein

You can read part 7 here.

A cat’s optimal diet should consist of small animals and birds similar to what they might eat if they had to hunt for their food. Such as the Cornish game hen, guinea fowl, rabbit, quail, mice, vole, gopher and pheasant. Because these meats aren’t always easy to come by, you can instead buy the following from farms or the grocery store: Cornish game hen, Turkey, buffalo, bison, ostrich, venison, emu, lamb, elk, and chicken. Meats too high in fat aren’t always palatable to cats. Also, some cats have trouble digesting beef, lamb, duck, goose and pork. Or are allergic to red meat.

Don’t form foundation of your cat’s diet on these meats, but most cats don’t have a problem with these meats if they eat them occasionally. Fish is high in iodine, and has a high histamine content, but has beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, so one fish meal a week makes a nice addition to a cat’s diet. A good choice is wild salmon, which you can lightly steam before feeding.

A better idea is, to feed your cat the same quality of food you eat yourself. Try to choose vegetables, meats, poultry and fish. This is particularly important for animals liver; look for organic liver from grass-fed animals if you don’t feed your cats organic meat of any other kind.

Whole Health For Happy Cats by Sandy Arora.

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