Blowing Bubbles & Cats

This is an easy game to play with your cat. You don’t have to do much for it, beside blowing bubbles. Like you might have done when you were a kid. Your cat will be doing all the exercise!

A simple bubble wand.

What you need
– A half cup of liquid soap
– Five cups of distilled water or bottle water
– Two tablespoons of glycerin (or fine sugar)
– Bubble wand

Mix the soap carefully with the water and glycerin in a bowl. Don’t shake it too much, because that will cause too much foam. Put the bubble wand in the water for a moment. Get it out, and blow (gently) in the hole of the bubble wand to create bubbles. Now watch your cat going crazy!

If you don’t have a bubble wand, you can make one yourself with iron wire. Just bend it in a round shape, and leave enough iron wire left to hold onto.

Even though it’s a great game for cats who are older and don’t feel like moving a lot anymore. Make sure your cats don’t lick up the soap. It’s not good for us humans, so it definitely is not good for your cat either.


50 games to plays with your cat by Jackie Strachan

14 Responses to “Blowing Bubbles & Cats”

  1. littlemiao

    fun! I’ve seen special catnip bubbles for sale in stores here. Maybe they make them with some kind of edible soap so it wouldn’t be harmful to eat? I’ll have to look into it.

    I know my Miaos would have so much fun with a game like this!


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