DIY – Catnip Bag

Sometimes I want to make myself useful. And I either schedule a bunch of posts for this week. Or I want to be creative for my cats. So this time I made a small catnip bags for Suki. Hiro’s not really interested in it, and I am not great at sewing things together. No, I sadly don’t have a sewing machine, and if I would have one, I’d probably never use it. So, How do I make catnip bags without a sewing machine? Don’t expect any neat looking stuff, okay?

What do you need?
– Catnip (dried)
– Fabric.
I didn’t really measured my piece of fabric. So it’s up to you.
– The toe from stockings.
I used it, so the catnip is double secured and won’t get out. I don’t want catnip all over my room.
– Scissors.
Scissors made to cut fabric are great.
– Needle and thread.
– Cats.

Step 1.
Cut a square piece of fabric. Or… try.

Step 2
Turn the piece of fabric around, so the non-decorated side faces you. Then fold it once and make sure all the corners are touching each other. From there, you will start sewing the sides together. Do it tightly, so there can’t get any catnip through. Even better, use a sewing machine. Remember, only sew two sides.

Like this.

And using this.

Step 3
Once you have completely sewed the two sides, turn it inside out. So all the thread and stuff is inside.

Inside out.

Step 4
Get the stockings, cut down the toe part. And fill it with catnip. Fill it good.

Don't worry, I never used it.

The most important thing of all. The catnip.

Fill it!

Step 5
Now close down the toe-part, by sewing it. Make sure it’s all tight, and catnip can’t get through it.

Step 6
When the toe is closed, put it in the red bag you sewed the two sides from in step 2.

Step 7
Time to sew the entire package closed. When you’re done, cut off all threads that peek out, and your cat might nibble on, or bite it off.


Step 8
Time to test it.

Hiro's not really into catnip. But he gave it a sniff.

Suki is more of a catnip lover.

Never let your cats play with it unsupervised. Cats have sharp teeth, and they are able to tear it apart if they want to. So always put it away when you are gone. You don’t want to end up with a cat that ate it all, including the fabric.

7 Responses to “DIY – Catnip Bag”

  1. littlemiao

    Awww, that’s cute! It looks like Suki approves. I’m not very good with a needle and thread but I think I might be able to manage a catnip bag. My kitties all love catnip and they like shredding their catnip toys (Sprocket especially) so I can always use more.

    • Dianda

      What you also can do is open up an old small plushie, get the stuff out, fill it with catnip, close it again. Voila!


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