Eye Colors & Shapes – Part 2

You can read part 1 here.

Last time I talked about eye colors, but today it will be about eye-shapes.

Eye Shapes
The eyes of a wild cat are oval and a bit slanted. Even though the preference of North American breeders are round, big eyes. The breeds that look the most like a wild cats, like the Maine Coon, have those “wild” eyes. Breeders have made the natural form of the eyes rounder and sharper.

The soft drawing around the eyes from the Blue British Shorthair accentuates the round shape.

Old western breeds like the Chartreux have round eyes, oriental breeds have almond-shaped eyes. Even though there are a few ‘oriental’ breeds with round eyes, like the Burmese. Extremity in the shape can lead to problems. A very round head with a flat face infects easily. Slanted eyes can get slimy, and infect easily as well.

A long head ensures tension on the upper eyelid. The eyes of a Devon Rex are ellipse-shaped and are called 'oriental'.

17 Responses to “Eye Colors & Shapes – Part 2”

  1. AJ Barlow

    Very cool, I should refer my sister in law to this blog, she is crazy about cats! Great pictures and thanks for sharing!

  2. Alexandra

    Wait, do you mean like Usyaka’s eyes are almond shaped because she has a long head and her forehead skin gets “pulled” away? I probably misunderstood something :D

    • Dianda

      That’s pretty much what I understood from it. xD

      My book says:
      “Een lange kop zorgt voor spanning op het bovenste ooglid”
      Literally translated that becomes “A long head creates tension on the upper eyelid”. So what I understood from that, is what you’re saying. :o

      But it also could be, that the tension on the eyes makes it slanted.

      I sadly couldn’t find more information about it. :(

      • Alexandra

        That’s fine, it sounds true.

        It reminded me a joke, though, something about a little girl whose eyes were extremely large and when she was asked why they were this way she answered that her mommy made her ponytail too tight.

        It’s a very old joke from my childhood, sorry for the off topic :D

    • Dianda

      I think so yes! Not sure if it was with a little girl as well, but I’m pretty sure I heard a joke like that before.


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