Is Your Cat Plotting To Kill You?

Short post for today! I’ve been busy today with homework, work and a birthday party that really took too long. I just finished work and I am too tired to really write something big and long. And yes! I could have just not post anything for today, but somehow that makes me feel like I am neglecting this blog. While it’s not really a drama if I don’t post anything for a day, right?

Anyway, this quiz should not be taking seriously – Of course!

I was given this link through the facebook page, and I really had a good laugh taking the test. The website is about how you can tell your cat is plotting to kill you. It also has a link to a quiz that will tell you the percentage of how big the chance is that you cat wants to kill you.

I tried it with both my cats Suki and Hiro, and I wasn’t really surprised with Suki, but with Hiro I was. I mean, Suki is the queen of the house, she thinks she own this place, the way she looks at you, that bitchy look in her eyes. I wasn’t surprised if her percentage was 87%. But Hiro, Oh boy. He follows me around the entire house, he always wants to cuddle with me, he never has that mean look in his eyes. He doesn’t stare at me a lot. He’s the opposite of Suki. But his percentage was 63%! 63?! That is above average! I’m scared of my own cats now…

So go take a look! I know you want to! Do the quiz, and tell me the result!

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