DIY – The Box

We all know that cats have a strange obsession for anything that’s a box and made of carbon. The smaller, the better and they will always try to get into it, no matter the size. Especially shoeboxes are really famous with cats. My own cats are a big fan of anything made of carbon, from small boxes, to the shoe boxes, and bigger.

But there are several things you can do with a box to entertain your cat. Some cats have this strange thing to ruin carbon boxes by chewing on it. some don’t and just love to play with it, hide in it, you know what I mean.

Sleeping place
A box
Something big and round (like an empty salad plate)

Get a big box. Big enough to have a cat in it and make sure the box is closed. Get something big and round, like a salad plate. And trace it on the carbon with a pencil. After you traced it you cut the circle out with either a knife or scissor, whatever you like. Add something soft inside the box for the cat to lay on. And voilà, your cat has a new sleeping place. You can also paint the box in a nice color if you like, make sure to do it with paint that is not toxic for the cat.

You can also lay a pillow on top of the box. So your cat can choose whether to sleep inside, or on the box.


A box

A box with holes in it is a joy for every cat. So don’t throw a random box away! For this one we need a big carbon box, Make holes, windows and/or doors in the box and done. Crumbled paper inside the box makes noise, which the cat might like. On the windows you can attach ribbons or anything the cat can play with.

Hide some cat treats in it.

The Adventure Box

A box (shoe box)
Anything that comes from outside (leafs, chestnuts, straw etc)

Get the shoebox and fill it with anything you find outside. From leafs to chestnuts or straw from a farm. Your cat with love all the strange smells that come from outside. Of course, inside cats will love this the most.


A long box and small.
Crumbled paper

You need a long small box. One that might’ve been used for wooden planks. Close the box on both sides and cut holes in the side big enough for the cat to enter the box, those are the entrances. Fill half of that box with crumbled paper and done!

4 Responses to “DIY – The Box”

  1. Firefly

    Oh, neato! I’ve never thought about filling a box with leaves and stuff from outside. Especially cool, since autumn is upon us and leaves are starting to fall. I think I might try that.

    • Dianda

      I know! I wanted to wait for autumn aswell. In backyard there are tons of leafs and stuff. Things that my cats might like, feathers from birds. I was also thinking of painting up the box. But I’m not sure which paint to use yet.

      • Firefly

        That could turn into a very fun project. I was thinking about doing something really cool, like actually gluing the leaves to the side of the wall or something, but then I realized that how much they’ll use it is inversely proportional to how much time I put into it, haha. I would probably have the most success if I just kept things simple.

        Good idea with the bird feathers. We’ve got a bunch of crows around here, so I’ll keep my eyes out for any on the ground.

      • Dianda

        Haha, I know! My cats love feathers or anything that comes from outside. Since they can get on the balcony. Gluing the leaves to side is actually a pretty good idea! But you’ll need a lot of leaves and make sure they won’t nibble it off the wall. xD

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