Cat Toys – Must have’s

What are the must have toys for your little furr-ball? I suggest not giving out too much money in the pet store. As cats can have fun with the simplest things you can find inside your house.

Kittens need to play, and if they’re the only feline in the house, they need to play with you. Playing is important to develop your cat, it enhances their coördination, gives them the exercise they need to stay fit, and strengthens the bond they have with you. It will reduce their fear and can discharge energy after they have gone through an anxiety-producing experience such as a trip to the vet or a sudden change of scenery.

Da Bird (picture on the left)
Cats go crazy over this thing. It’s a fishing pole type of toy. That has a swiveling device at the end of a string where feathers are attached. When you move Da Bird, the feathers spin and create an enticing game for the little kitty, or the adult cat. I’m just a bit worried how ‘strong’ this bird is. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’ve seen many cats going crazy about it. But I don’t want to buy a new one after a few months because it’s broken.

Laser pointer
I have one, and my cats love it! My cats know where the small red laser point comes from, so they get super excited when I get it. If the cat is chasing it, they will exercise all of their muscles and your laugh-and-smile muscles. But beware: Do not (and I repeat: DO NOT) shine directly or in-directly into your cats eyes, or eyes from any other animal or human. This can cause blindness.

You can get a variety of ball toys at pet stores, or you can buy some from a supermarket vending machine. Roll the ball across the floor and watch your kitten chase it. You might even be able to teach your kitten to play Fetch. Do not use an air-filled ball as a toy; if your kitten punctures it with her teeth, the results could be tragic. And we don’t want that to happen, right?

Bubble wrap
Not only kids like bubble wrap. But cats do too!
Give it a try, the popping will be hilarious.

What can you find inside and outside your house?
Cork, feathers, chestnuts, shoelaces, Socks (especially filled with catnip) and boxes. Old shoes, straws, newspapers. Ping-Pong Balls

For example: Make a whole into the box big enough for the cat to get in. And voilà, new hiding place. Or make smaller holes into it big enough for her paw to get in. Fill the box with things that make noise, like news paper-strips, and other things. Maybe a few treats here and there.

Do not use tin foil. They can swallow it, which can cause problems.

And don’t forget to send in picture for “Cat Of The week“!
Click the link to see all the information you need to know before sending your pictures in.
You can send them in till September the 17th.

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