Warning: Cats In New York Are Disappearing

For the past eight months cats have disappeared from the neighbourhood in Queens, New York. This means that it’s a better idea to keep your cats inside or keep a very good on eye on your beloved kitty.

It started in December 2013, when in almost two weeks an entire colony of seven stray cats got missing. A colony that a part of a neighbourhood cared for. They had shelter, were fed, were spayed and neutered, they didn’t have a reason to leave. But things changed when cats who have an owner have gone missing too. There already have been reports by people who had a cat who used to roam free and has disappeared. While it’s common for outdoor cats to stay away for a few days, they usually return. But these cats aren’t coming back, and there also haven’t been found any cat bodies.

A cat lover and cat owner living in Queens, who used to own eleven cats, now only has four left.

Mary Witty, an NYU Administrator and the person behind Astoria7 (astoria7.org), a group dedicated to find out what’s going on with the disappearing and where the cats go to, says that she already got 300 reports of missing cats all around the city. She has installed security camera around her home to deter any potential cat-thief’s.



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11 responses to “Warning: Cats In New York Are Disappearing

  1. .I have heard of problems with predators like Wolves and coyotes. One of my mother-in-law’s strays that she feeds was killed by a coyote but, unfortunately, the remains were left behind for her to find. That is why an animal attack seems unlikely because there would be evidence. Seems more like an evil human.

    • Owls, hawks and domesticated dogs can also kill or go off with cats. Could be human, but wild 4 legged predators are pretty good at going off with prey and not leaving remains on the spot. A predator disturbed during feeding might well leave remains behind. The only way to really tell is a night surveillance camera, like the kind used to see what wildlife comes by during the night.

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