Giveaway: Cat Cards From Tranquil Space Designs

I think every cat person should own a set of these amazing Mojo cards! These cute cards are made by Tranquil Space Designs. The Mojo cards are cards that have movie (-covers) with cats on them. Think about Mogs in Black, the Three Muscateers and the Great Catsby.

Tranquil Space Design and I thought it would be a great idea to do a giveaway for all you awesome readers. So, do you like movies ánd cats? Then this is the right giveaway for you!

What Can You Win?

We are giving away two sets of cards (each set has 12 cards).

Cult Kitties
As the title says, these furry cards are a bit more… Culty.

Cult Kitties
Kitty Classics
The classics are more literature or from old movies.

Kitty Classics 12Two sets of cards? Means we’re going to have 2 winners!

What Do You Have To Do?

It’s pretty simple!

All you have to do is comment on this post and let me know you’re joining this giveaway and also include a working email address.

Feel free to look at:
Tranquil Space Designs Facebook, WordPress, Website & Confessions Of A Catwoman.

When Does This Giveaway Ends?

Sunday, the 8th of December is the last day you can participate in this giveaway. I will make the 2 winners known on the following Monday, the 9th. After I have made the winners known I will sent them an email, asking where we can send the cards to.

As long as you live on this planet, you can join in with this giveaway! It doesn’t matter if you live in Holland, America, Asia or in Australia. This giveaway is worldwide!

Good luck!
May the furs be with you!

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55 responses to “Giveaway: Cat Cards From Tranquil Space Designs

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  2. Have seen many of these cards since following Confessions of a Catwoman – LOVE LOVE LOVE them all! Sam and I would enjoy winning a set of the cards so please enter us! I think you have our email address but just in case Thanks!!

    Pam and Sam

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  4. Oh My Goodness! These are the cutest things that I have ever seen! I love the Cult Kitties. The Star Wars cat is adorable!

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