A Small Box

Happy Sunday everyone!

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11 responses to “A Small Box

  1. The box is way too large for Suki. She needs a much smaller box :)

    I was about to say that you needed to consult for that cold, you are not supposed to be still sneezing after 3 weeks… but then I noticed the date on the video.

    Do you work tomorrow? I miss you!

      • might be? hum!!

        Tomorrow is a national holiday… Canada’s thanksgiving. We don’t celebrate it, but get the day off anyway. Which means, I will be out to drive my son back so his home in the afternoon. Let me do the math for you… I should be home until 19h your time, and then back at 23h your time… bad isn’t it?

        Nevertheless, check your emails… And let me know how your long week was :)

  2. Well she certainly tried that box out for size – clearly she was trying to make it bigger with her paws (!!) just a bit bigger…..however I think if she’d tried she would have wedged herself in there!!!!

    Pam and Sam

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