Working With Hiro & A Personal Update

Since Thursday or Friday I have practiced with Hiro and the Nekoflies. The fluffy toy on the end of the rope makes Hiro growl and he never wants to let it go. I’m not so bothered by the growling, but what bothered me was that he never wanted to let it go anymore. Like it was a real prey. So I often had to stick my fingers in his mouth to open it up and to quickly pull it out. I decided that I was pretty much done with that, and went ‘training’ with him. Hiro is smart, smarter than you might think. He knows how the door works, and he often tries to reach for the door handle (but he’s not big enough). He also has no problem figuring out food mazes, so I wanted to give it a try.

I went training with him in the evening before dinner time. That’s when he’s the most hungriest. I got the Nekoflies and my bag filled with treats and kibble. So every time he got a hold of the nekoflies, started growling and holding onto it tightly I replied with a firm ‘no’. If he let go of it within the three ‘no’s’, he’d get a treat and let of petting and ‘good boy!’. If he didn’t let go, I’d simply ignore it, or pause the game for a few seconds and ignore him. Cats aren’t able to link the punishment with what they have done. So I thought that being positive and praising him for the good things would work best.

Within 30 minutes he got the hint and he let go of the nekoflies faster! I even saw that he started playing with it again like he used to play with it. We were having fun again, and it wasn’t that much about catching the prey and being all territory. It often got worse when Suki he saw Suki. Even though she was not playing with it. So I often tried to bring Suki in and continue the training, and even that went very well. Bonus point: Less fighting between those two. I also noticed that Hiro has A LOT of energy and he can go on for hours. Sadly our place isn’t big enough to go all crazy with the Nekoflies.

I filmed Hiro while playing — you can hear him growl. He let’s go after the first ‘no’. (The floor is a bit of a mess. We vacuumed Saturday, but cat litter is everywhere again! — so guess what I’ll be doing today? Oh the joy of two litter-boxes…)

I’ve also got something else to mention. Some of you already know, because I secretly couldn’t wait. But…

I’ve registered to a cat behavior study. I went to visit the academy last Friday and it was very fun! I was able to ask the questions I had, and they were all very, very friendly and I immediately felt at home. The study starts in January, so I hope I can get my driver license in time! I am very excited and happy that I finally get to do it. I don’t want to jinx it, but I just couldn’t keep it to myself.

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36 responses to “Working With Hiro & A Personal Update

  1. It’s funny that he didn’t want to let it go, because he seemed kind of casual about chasing it… like he could take it or leave it… Maybe he was pretending to try to confuse the fluffy toy and catch it off guard! lol

  2. Awww he’s so cute. The hoomans used to have trouble with us refusing to let go of their clothes when whee were chewing them. But whee are prey animals so something bigger than us is usually enough to convince us whee don’t really want it!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  3. It’s amazing how trainable cats are when you try. Sabre knows tons of tricks and it always amazes me. Congrats on registering for the behavioural course. I’m sure you are going to love every second of it

  4. My cats drive me crazy they are very demanding the are 18 and rule! IP at 4am and sleep. All day. I still love them. Meow! !

  5. Aw, so cute! Nice hearing a bit of Dutch. have been missing it since I moved to London :) And OMG, you’re a Glossy Box-er as well!! Love that stuff, wish they had one for cats as well :)

  6. Hey Dianda. I thought of you when I found this book. It seems to me you could study this book and just *become* a behaviorist right away. It is the most comprehensive and sensible one I’ve found. Have you heard?
    The title is not so cool, the subtitle even worse, and the person herself is, well, not exactly my style — so razzle-dazzle &, well, Hollywood & American — but the book is really astonishingly good. Check it out? Wishing you well forward on your journey –Anita

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