The Difference Between A Maine Coon & The Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat and the Maine Coon look a lot alike, don’t you think? That’s why I did some research for you!


Norwegian Forest Cat: Equilateral Triangle. Flat forehead.
Maine Coon: Wedge Shaped with a square muzzle. Forehead with a Gentle curve.


Norwegian Forest Cat:  Straight and with no break.
Maine Coon: Gently curved.


Norwegian Forest Cat: Their eyes are almond-shaped.
Maine Coon: Large oval eyes with an open expression. Often with black ‘eyeliner’ around it.


Norwegian Forest Cat: Outer edge of ear follows the line of the head down to the chin completing the triangle.
Maine Coon: The ears are set high on the top of the head with not more than a ears width apart.


Norwegian Forest Cat: Medium in length, but square-like in appearance with a full chest.
Maine Coon: Long and rectangular with a broad chest.


Norwegian Forest Cat: Medium, heavy musculature neck.
Maine Coon: Medium long, sturdy neck.


Norwegian Forest Cat: The back legs are higher than the front legs.
Maine Coon: Medium in hight/length.
Both the breeds have toe-tufts.


Norwegian Forest Cat: A long and flowing tail that is as long as their body.
Maine Coon: Less bushy as the Norwegian Forest Cat, but long as flowing as well and as long as their body.


Norwegian Forest Cat: Double coat, long guard hairs, with a thick and wooly undercoat.
Maine Coon: Silky, uneven coat with a little bit of undercoat.


Norwegian Forest Cat: When the cat is fully matured, a big ruff grows around the neck, but not all the Norwegians have this. But there should be a frontal ruff beginning at the base of the ears.
Maine Coon: a moderate frontal ruff around the neck.


Norwegian Forest Cat: Up to 15 pounds. The males are larger and more imposing.
Maine Coon: Up to 20 pounds. Females a bit smaller than the males.

Do you have a Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat?


Doug McFarland
Nicholas Erwin

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15 responses to “The Difference Between A Maine Coon & The Norwegian Forest Cat

  1. Great, Dianda, just great! I got curious about this, but way no time to find out. So I really appreciate this post. I thought Barney had Norwegian in him, but from your info, he looks more Maine Coon. But really. As the comments already say — beautiful beautiful cats. So happy.

  2. Based on the descriptions, I quickly figured the Maine Coon was on left and Norvegian on right on each of these pictures. I was wondering how you ended up the post without making this clear, and no one questioned that in the comments. Until I hoovered these pictures and found out there was a caption.

    I am not familiar with either species, and I admit they have a lot in common. But the distinctions are clear now that you pointed them out. Thanks for sharing the knowledge!

  3. Such beautiful cats :3 I’m still dreaming of owning two norwegian forest cats in the future (when I can afford them and the costs of caring properly for them).

  4. You should throw Siberians into the comparison. I have two and they have lots of similarities with both breeds.

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