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Review: Pet Alert Window Stickers + Surprise

DSC_0782_zps71e0ce36A long, long, long time ago I bought pet alert stickers. I want to use them in my new place, because we have no windows here near the door (or windows you can see through). I want to save one, for when we move out to a new place. That doesn’t mean I cannot show them to you! Continue reading, I’ll have a little surprise for you in the end.

The only bad thing about this review is that I can not show you how it looks like from the outside when it’s put on your window.

Pet Alert Stickers

Pet Alert stickers are used to alert police or firemen in case of dangerous situations (floods, fire, storm) that there are animals in your house that don’t need to be forgotten about. It’s an easy and simply to understood sticker, and with one glance firemen can see what to look for.

How Does It Work?

It’s easy! You can stick the sticker to every kind of glass material. Windows or doors (cars). You don’t need glue. It’s easy to stick it on something, and easy to take it off to be re-used again in the future. The stickers are made of a strong vinyl static cling material that makes them so easy to use.

You take the sticker out of the package, and remove the plastic from the paper.

The sticker on the piece of paper, just out of the package.

The sticker on the piece of paper, just out of the package.

Remove the sticker from the white piece of paper.

Remove the sticker from the white piece of paper.

Removed from the paper. Ready to stuck it on a window.

Removed from the paper. Ready to stuck it on a window.

You can use a (black) marker/pencil to write how many animals you have.

Clean the window and wipe it dry thoroughly before using.

Clean the window and wipe it dry thoroughly before using. And press and wipe firmly when sticking it on the window.

Remember to place the sticker on the inside of the window. Or else it has no use.

Peel it off the window if needed.

Peel it off the window if needed.

“Pets are like family and need to be protected” – Rescue Rover

Pro’s & Con’s


  • Easy to use and re-use.
  • A good bright red color that is clearly visible and catches your attention.
  • The alert sticker is clear and not confusing.
  • Good manual.
  • Stays on the window — doesn’t fall off after a time.
  • The package has two stickers.


  • You can’t wipe off the pencil/marker.
  • You need a good marker. Just a random fine-liner won’t do.
  • Only in English.

Giving Out One Pet Alert Sticker

Sharing is caring, right? That’s why I am giving away one pet alert sticker (and who knows more goodies). All you have to do is like this post and comment. I’ll make the winner known on Monday the first of April.

Do you have a pet alert sticker?

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20 Responses to “Review: Pet Alert Window Stickers + Surprise”

  1. Tom Duhamel

    Here we have paper stickers which are commonly stuck directly on the front door. I see them often, and they always look the same, never saw them in any store though, so I always assumed they were distributed by the firefighters themselves, though I never bothered to check.

    I will try to acquire one now, you inspired me to do. By pure coincidence, there was an incident today that came back to mind as I read this. There have been a major fire this morning in my city. On TV, we saw a firefighter recover a cat from a balcony and lend it back to its owner. The cat is all that is left to that man now.

      • Tom Duhamel

        Oh no! You don’t know of the language war here. If I was to post something in English on my front door or window, I would be looked at funnily by my neighbors. Someone might consider decorating my front door with tomatoes or eggs. I’m not even kidding. It’s that serious. Don’t include me in the draw, I’ll get myself educated about how to find these in French.

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