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Please help Susan getting back her precious baby!

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Probably 90% of my readers are from the international community, which makes this a rather desperate attempt.  However, based on the “six degrees of separation” principle, I am hoping that this truly phenomenal blogging community could do me the ultimate favour of passing this information to anyone they know.

Jangles - my missing beautiful girl

Jangles – my missing beautiful girl

My dear, previously abused and, therefore, terribly frightened cat, Jangles, somehow managed to escape from her run at the cattery / boarding facility in which she was staying whilst I was away.  Being the scared cat that she is, it is highly unlikely that she will approach a stranger.  However, I am putting out her photograph here, in the hope that someone, somewhere, knows a person who might have seen her scurrying under bushes.

Please help me find Jangles.

Please help me find Jangles.

Jangles was at a facility in Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa.  I have been…

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  1. Thank you so very, very much for reblogging this. Sorry it has taken a while to get this comment out but all my spare time is taken up with looking for her. I truly do appreciate it and cannot even begin to express my gratitude.

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