How Suki Sometimes Creeps Me Out

Suki can see better in darkness than me, and she knows that. So when I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, she sometimes sits in the hallway, watching me with her reflecting eyes. Big eyes, serious face, like a statue. She doesn’t move at all, beside her eyes that follow me, and every movement.

It won’t be the first time me or my boyfriend almost got a heart attack when we turn around in the bed only to be faced with Suki’s serious (and stalking) and intimidating look. When we’re watching tv, Suki sometimes sits in the door opening, watching us, and her eyes tends to look very evil at times. I’m sure she means nothing with it, and she’s what we call ‘meditating’, but really. Suki, you can be so intimidating at times!


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22 responses to “How Suki Sometimes Creeps Me Out

  1. Meditating i didnt knew that. i am just imagining it must be scary, though the photo above seems like she is meditating.

  2. well, it’s serious business, monitoring the house that late at night. if you got to the bathroom and she wasn’t there, then you know there’d be something to be scared about ;-D

  3. Dylan, the Tabby, is trying to cause me to break or sprain a limb. He likes to throw himself down in front of my feet as I move about the house…I suspect he realizes, if I am immobilized, my lap would be accessible almost continuously- :)

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