The Cat Dancer

Together with the Kitty Boinks some weeks ago I also ordered the Cat Dancer. It’s something I totally didn’t expect! But it’s pretty fun!

Cat Dancer Cat Toys

Cat Dancer Products were created in 1983. They dedicated to make the best toys for our cats. All of their handheld toys are made in their factory in Neenah, Wisconsin. All of their toys have been independently tested and certified safe.

According to their website, the Cat Dancer is now used in millions of homes worldwide to offer house bound cats with healthy play and exercise and is singled out by veterinarians for its safe design. The cat dancers is simple, and it consists out of spring steel wire and rolled up cardboard, and somehow it’s irresistible to cats!

Simple wire and cardboard.

The other side.

A three-foot piece of 20-gauge oil-tempered spring steel, tipped at each end by twisted strips of cardboard. When you get it out of the package, it’s a good idea to straighten the wire a bit before you wave it at your cat. It moves, your cat will chase it or try to catch it. It’s simple as that! Not much you have to do for it.


  • Cheap. It it was only 2,50 euro’s. In the USA $2 to $5 each (except in California, where some people pay $8).
  • Simple.
  • The cats love it. But rather play alone with it.
  • Looks save. The wire isn’t that flexible that cats can accidentally get hanged.


  • The Cardboard can’t be replaced.
    So when the cardboard is broken, teared apart or anything else. You need to buy another Cat Dancer.
  • They might eat the cardboard?

Do my cats love it?

Yes, yes they do! Tho, they like it more when they play with it on their own, instead of me waving with it. But yes, they love it. And I would recommend it to other owners who have cats who need a little bit of excercise. It’s called ‘Cat Dancer’ for a reason!

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20 responses to “The Cat Dancer

    • Aah, of course Connie. I never thought about that!
      Suki bites on it sometimes, but it’s not really gnawing like she wants to chew the wire in half. It’s more like… nomming.

  1. I always like that one. Have had a few since I was a kitten -oh, so long ago. It’s also the kid’s favourite. She’s gone through three of them already. It’s quite cute, she carries it on her mouth and growls at it if one of the ends gets stuck in the furniture MOL

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