Raw Meat Diet – Part 14 – Safety Concerns

I know I had a post about it before. But you can never be too safe! You can read part 12 here. Safety first!

Because both salmonella and Escherichia coli (E. coli) can lead to food poisoning, use care when handling raw meat and follow proper thawing techniques. Barring mishandling, neither salmonella or e. coli won’t give your cats any problem. This is because a carnivore’s intestinal tract is about a third the length of a human’s. Which means meat enters and exists their digestive system in about twelve hours. Their strong digestive juices which have a high percentage of hydrochloric acid, quickly gets to work digesting the meat before it can putrefy in the intestinal tract.

If you’re scared about either bacteria or parasites developing, consider freezing the meat/food, defrosting and rising it before use. Freezing kills any parasites that may exist in the meat and deactivates microbes until the meat thaws.

Whole Health For Happy Cats by Sandy Arora
Dangerous | Cats & Co

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