Raw Meat Diet – Part 10 – Cooking For Your Cat

I decided to post a few times a week. I think I can combine that with my student, work and all the other things that keep me busy. I feel bad not posting at all. Like I am neglecting this blog. So let’s continue with the ‘Raw Meat Diet’ series!

You can read part 9 here.

Cooking For Your Cat
If you don’t feel comfortable feeding your cat raw meat, you can lightly fry it on the outside, leaving the inside raw. Prepare your raw mix as usual. Then, just before serving, add a little ghee, butter or olive oil and heat the meat for just a few seconds. If the meat mix seems a bit dry, you can add meat broth or water while warming up the meat to release the meat’s aroma.

Your cat will actually have an easier time digesting raw meat than cooked meat because raw meat has enzymes. It’s also not easy to decide the nutrients lost in the cooking process, so you’ll have more of a challenge adequately supplementing a cooked meat diet. If you choose to cook meat, add digestive enzymes and twice as much taurine as a recipe calls for because cooking decreases enzyme activity in meat. You’ll also need to supplement with a feline multivitamin.

Whole Health For Happy Cats by Sandy Arora.

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