Eye Colors & Shapes – Part 1

A Siamese with blue eyes.

One of the most beautiful things of a cats are their eyes. Those intense big eyes are attractive, and a lot of breeders want specific eye colors.

Eye colors
Because of all the breeding a lot of eye colors are created. From blue to green and orange. The wild cat has brown to copper colored eyes and sometimes yellow or green. Most of the time the eye color is independent of the coat color, but with some breeds the eye color has to be a specific color. Like silver tabbies, who have to have a green eye color, but genetically a copper color or gold is possible too.

Golden eyes.

The only eye color that is related to the coat color is blue. Blue is caused by a form of albinism, this also means that there isn’t any pigment created in the coat and in the iris. White cats with blue eyes are often deaf, or have

a bigger chance in becoming deaf. Because the gene that is responsible for

the lack of pigment, is also related to the gene that dries up the hearing fluid in the ear.

The blue eyes of a Siamese are caused by something else. This has to do with a bad three dimensional sight. But this also caused the cats to squint. But the breeders have bred this out of the breed.

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16 responses to “Eye Colors & Shapes – Part 1

    • I know that an Inner ear disease can cause loss of balance.

      But I’m not so sure if that also happens with dried up ear fluid.

      The organ that is taking care of the balance is filled with fluid. Within that organ is the noise-sensitive organ of Corti. This organ translates the waves into impulses and sends it to the brain. (roughly translated).

      And if you take a look at this wikipedia site (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deaf_white_cat) You’ll read that the Organ of Corti has to do something with the deafness of the cat.

      And because it is placed in the organ that is taken care of the balance, I think it could be related.

    • If the eardrum is ruptured that could cause problems. I know this because we’re treating Stray Kitty for ear problems. I suggest a visit to the vet.

  1. The blue eyes on Siamese are a result of the ‘Pointed’ allele on the Albino locus. This is a partial, temperature sensitive form of albinism but is enough to make the eyes blue without risking deafness that the ‘all white’ cats risk.

    • I have no idea what to say to this. Really. xD

      We don’t celebrate Thanks giving here. But I had a great relaxing day. :)
      I hope you had a great thanks giving too!

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