Happy Birthday Suki!

Suki, 2 years old.

Today it’s my cat Suki her birthday. She now is 2 winters old. She grew a lot in height, I believe she’s a tad bigger than an average cat. I got her a present I bought last week. I know she adores fluffy balls to play with. So I got her an extreme fluffy ball. Sadly her buddy Hiro loved it more, and kept running away with it. But that’s really typical with Hiro and Suki. They always wrestle, steal each others toys, kick each other from the scratching post or their favorite pillows.

Anyway, I spoiled Suki more than I usual do. I’m sure she doesn’t mind that at all! But I can’t believe we already got Suki 1,5 years. She grew a lot, changed a lot, she’s a happy cat.

Next up is World Animal day, and she can’t wait for it, Nor can Hiro!

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